Sock it to Homelessness donates new socks to shelters in New York City and New Jersey.  If your shelter would benefit from new sock donations, please contact us  and we can work together to help your visitors.  Sock it to Homelessness does not accept cash donations.  We simply provide socks to those in need.

 ​​Did you know...

​Socks are among the most needed items at homeless shelters.

They are also the least donated.   We need your help. 

Schools, summer camps, places of worship and even your workplace are perfect locations for sock drives! Earn volunteer hours through Sock it to Homelessness. New socks are needed year round and conducting drives not only provides to those in need - it also raises awareness about this ongoing issue. Learn how to start a drive now! We will provide you with guidance and ideas about how to conduct a fun and effective drive. Remember, only new socks can be donated. Sock it to Homelessness does not have the ability to launder and disinfect used socks. 
Socks are one of the most requested items among the homeless population. Many homeless people walk several miles each day and spending considerable time on their feet causes socks to wear out quickly. People often donate coats or outerwear, but rarely do they donate new socks. Most people wear their socks until they are worn with holes, and since many shelters cannot except used socks, even those in good condition, the homeless community needs NEW socks that will last. 

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