Getting Started

Click here to print these instructions.

Determine a start date and end date for your drive.  Identify which shelter, soup kitchen or family organization will benefit from your donation.  Not sure where to send or deliver your donation?  Click here for a list of organizations that we've helped in the past.

  • Create posters and display them anywhere and everywhere!  You can also print our wall flyers by clicking here.

  • Decide on your donation location.  It's best to put your collection box in a convenient, heavily traveled area, such as near the entrance of a building.  Each day, as people pass the bins, it will remind everyone to donate socks.   Click here  to download artwork you can print to label your bins.

  • Make announcements to promote your drive in your school newspaper, bulletin, or website.  Tweet it!  Post it!  Get the word out on social media!  Click here to download our information sheet.  

  • Speak at assemblies, worship services or meetings to announce your drive.  Share the story of Sock it to Homelessness and how together, we can help those in need. .

  • Remember, socks are treated as undergarments, so most shelters can only accept NEW socks.   All major department stores and wholesale clubs offer multi-packs of crew socks, which is more economical.  You can even find socks at most drug stores and grocery stores.  All socks are welcome, but men's dark crew socks are best.  Ankle socks tend to fall down.  We also have an Amazon Wish List with our needs and address pre-programmed, where you can order socks and ship them directly to us.

  • Think about incentives for donating.  For example, create a contest between classrooms or grades to see who can donate the most socks.  Some schools even involve local pizza restaurants to donate food for a pizza party for the group with the most donations! 

  • Take dozens of photos during your drive!  We love to see the faces of those who help with our mission.

Once you have collected your socks:

  • Count your socks, and sort them by type (men's, women's or children's). This is a great time to take photos of your group in action.  Place the socks in large bags.  Label each individual bag with the type, number of pairs and your organization's name.  For example, Men's - 50 pairs - Jackson Elementary School

  • Deliver your socks to the organization of your choice.  Be sure to make contact in advance. Due to Covid-19, hours of operation and safety practices may impact how and when donations are allowed to be delivered.